Spain, bus accident, 6 dead and 16 injured

A passenger bus crashed slant to turn once one of the overpass columns of a highway exit upon a subsidiary street in Aviles, heading Oviedo.

So far afield and wide, the Asturias emergency support informs that at least 5 people have died at the scene, even though choice one during transport to the San Agustin hospital, though 16 others have been slighted.

One of them, in huge health condition, was rapidly taken to the Hospital of Cabuenes. Meanwhile, 10 others considering lighter injuries have been sent for the first medical aid in San Agustin.

Firefighters have been skillful to unload carcasses of 3 people from inside the bus crashed into the calamity.

The conflict occurred at 13:40 at the exit of Aviles.

Emergency facilities, civilian guards and police, who managed along in the middle of the difficulties and the traffic in the place, went to the scene. An emergency helicopter after that has transported some tense to handy health centers.

The bus, which provided services from the “Consorzio de Transportes de Asturias” and operated under the sign of “ALSA”, crashed deeply afterward the definite column as far as it was damaged by the third argument of passengers.